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    Fixed Towbar Fitment in South Africa

    Fixed towbars are more popular due to its versatility and lower price. Fixed towbars are permanently attached to your vehicle, while detachable towbars have a neck that can be taken off easily. Fixed towbars are better for heavy-duty towing, and work well with towbar mounted car bicycle racks. Fixed, non-detachable towbars are best suited if you planning to pull a horse box, large caravan, or boat trailer.

    We provide a complete Towbar installation service which can be done at a branch or at your premises using a mobile towbar installation service. If you need a fixed towbar fitted, we are here to make it possible. Please note that some car models don’t allow for the installation of fixed towbars, in that case, we would provide a detachable flange.

    At we strive to provide quotes that are not only highly competitive but are provided in the fastest possible time frame. Our network of installers provides a wide variety of towbar brands suitable for any vehicle make or type.

    Our industrial towbar division will engineer a towbar system that is custom built for your application. In short, we make it happen.