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    Bike Rack and Bicycle Carriers Towbar Fitment in South Africa

    Take your bikes anywhere you want with a bike rack or bicycle carrier attached to your towbar. Contact us for your FREE quotation.

    Modern bicycles come in many shapes and sizes. This is a challenge for traditional hanging racks. At we provide a full range of quality towbar mounted bike racks to carry all types of bicycles including electric bikes, fat bikes, and children’s bicycles that will fit perfectly to your vehicle.  A complete Bike Rack installation service which can be done at a branch or at your premises using a mobile towbar installation service. If you need a Bike Rack or Bicycle Carrier fitted to your towbar, we are here to make it possible.

    At we strive to provide quotes that are not only highly competitive but are provided in the fastest possible time frame. Our network of installers provides a wide variety of Bike Rack and Bicycle Carrier brands suitable for any vehicle make or type.

    Our industrial towbar division will engineer a towbar system that is custom built for your application. In short, we make it happen.